24-L Executive Officers
District Governor: Joel Kendall
First Vice District Governor (FVDG): Rose Burrus
Second Vice District Governor (SVDG): Donalda Lovelace
Secretary: George Goodwin
Treasurer: Mark Armendaris
Immediate Past District Governor: Glen Logan
MD-24 State Secretary/Treasurer Tammie Brightwell

President: Douglas X. Alexander
Past: Jung-Yul Choi

2020-2021 MD-24 Council of Governors
Chair: Donna Weiler
Past: Wilma Murphy

Kindness Matters Service Award

2020-2021 Zone Chairs
2021-2022 To Come
NE Region
A: Bob Otey
B: Ralph Cooper, Jr.
C: Sharon Fussell
D: Evelyn Marr
E: Don Bradley
F: Dwight Brooks
SE Region
G: Sandra Jeckell
H: Lynn Garver
I: Dan Visone
J: Bobby Anderson
Blue Ridge Region
K: Donalda Lovelace
L: L. Scott Brown
M: Alice Bodkin
N: Skip McMullan
Shenandoah Valley Region
O: Vicki Davies
P: Ray McDonald, PDG
Q: Mary Propst
District Governor’s Advisory Committee
Woody Woodard, PDG
Shirley Wilson, PCC
Phil Schrack

Committee Descriptions & Chairs

Past International Directors
Richard P. Chaffin, PID
Dr Hauser Weiler, PID
Roy Wilson, PID

District Governors
24-L: Joel Kendall

1st Vice District Governors
24-L: Rose Burrus

2nd Vice District Governors
24-L: Donalda Lovelace

Sally Cooney Anderson
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